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My favourite shops in Abidjan

These are my come-back-to-all-the time favourite places to shop in the West African Capital

This little store has a variety of interesting things. From stationery to plastic ware to outdoor pots, ceramics and a small food section… this little shop is worth checking out on a regular basis. I enjoy coming here for inexpensive clothes and party goodies – décor, cups, paper plates, balloons and party favours. The last time I was here I bought 4000 CFA pyjama shorts, a pair of wedged espadrilles, plastic potting pots, raffia, spray paint and craft pipe cleaners. Situated in Riviera, it is very conveniently located with enough parking. Consider signing up for their loyalty card and get 10% off with every purchase

The Orca in Zone 4 opposite Cap-Sud on Boulevard Valery Giscard

(Haven’t visited the new fancy Orca on rue Paul Langevin yet, but on my list of things to do.)

The big Orca in Zone 4 has 35% off promotions regularly. It is during these times that I visit for bigger purchases. I am often upstairs admiring their modern and well-designed plastic garden chairs, but leave with pretty ceramic pots, new kitchen ware and storage baskets. They have a nice fabric section (and carry burlap). I also like their selection of curtains and lamps. Their carpets are reasonably priced and good in terms of quality. They also carry a wide range of picture frames, trays, platters, fruit bowls, vases, etc. I avoid buying furniture at Orca. Most furniture is chip board and horrendously expensive for what it is. The big bonus about Orca is they have a hardware section too. Nails, glue, hosepipe pieces, tools, etc. They carry a wide range of DIY materials inexpensively for your next project.

The butchery in Cap-Sud

Chicken fillets, chicken pieces, pork chops, fillet, sausages, mince and entrecote are the kinds of meat I buy on rotation. I also buy fish here when I have to. In terms of fish, I prefer going to the poissonnerie at the food market in 2 Plateaux, but that’s when I can get there. Always fresh, their fish is priced round 4500 CFA a kilo and calamari 3000 CFA a kilo.


Numero Uno in Marcory carries a good selection of clothes (end of season) coming from Europe. I bought two pairs of jeans here in December for 9000 CFA each, which I thought was pretty good. I also like Mango at the Cap Sud shopping mall, but there are little shops everywhere selling nice things made in Cote d’Ivoire. You can also buy good quality fabric at the Treichville market and have a tailor make whatever you need.

Gateaux et du Pain

The best bakery in town! They make lovely croissants, individual desserts, cakes, and a variety of breads; and sell really nice ice cream too.

Manawa Café

This is a convenient coffee spot opposite the American school. I like coming here for peace and quiet and a good cappuccino with frothy milk the way I like it.

Ivoire Trade Center

There is a nice food court and a Monoprix in this centre. Monoprix is great for jars of interesting sauces, organic and gluten-free products. They also carry interesting frozen items that I like to get from time to time along with desserts from France.

Clochette in Zone 4

I love coming here for my nails. They put a fast-drying layer to finish a normal manicure quick-quick. 7000 CFA well spent.


Gifi sell a range of household goodies: garden furniture, home wear, mats, bathroom gear etc., much like Orca. I come here specifically for shelving and kitchen appliances. The last appliance I bought was a Moulinex toaster for 25 000 CFA that we are happy with. Before then, we got our Nespresso machine here.

Galeries Peyrissac

If you need new bath towels, come here. They are well priced, wash well and the towelling doesn’t fluff or ball. Really great quality towels, in many many colours. The happiest purchase you will make.

That is my list up to now, and I’ll be adding to it as I go along. What are your repeat purchases and where do you like to go regularly?

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