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My sister’s quickie visit - City itinerary for Abidjan

My dear darling sister recently surprised us with a 10-day visit. She was here and gone quite fast, arriving end of August when most of the city was still on holiday. This is what we did AKWABA style


I had done a big grocery shop before her arrival, planning certain lunches and dinners at home. I must say, Glovo did help me out on two occasions for the things I forgot, but the chicken they delivered one Sunday morning arrived off! Their customer service people sit in Tunisia… let’s just say it wasn’t the best customer experience of my life. My big takeaway from the experience, don’t order meat on the application, but for the rest, what a time-saver!

Assinie Weekend

We rolled off to Assinie and stayed at Kame Surf Camp. I would have preferred Zion but they were fully booked that weekend. We hopped across the lagoon and had a drink at la Plage. We discovered that their nightly rates are very affordable, so I’ll be giving them a try next time we go. Sadly, as it’s not the sand dollar season, we didn’t go home with any of these beautiful shells. For next time!

Out and about in the City

We visited the Triechville Market and bought some wax from madame Tranquille and another lady in the alley just behind her. T was enchanted by the pedaled sewing machines, and took time to film the ladies sewing, interacting with their small children. We also ate sushi at le sushi bar and popped into Gifi to show her around. The boys scored a drone each from their favourite aunty at Chic Shop. We also quickly stopped in at Numero Uno as unsold Zara stock from last season is always interesting!

La Fabrique (Note Bene) was closed in August so couldn’t pop in. Boo for us!

Bini Forest

Potentially one of our major highlights. We did do Banco Forest earlier during the week, but Bini just has a charm in a league of its own. The drum welcome, the forest visit… an Ivorian lady also on the tour did a translation for us and two other (English speaking) sisters on vacation… T kept saying: “Wow the people are so nice here!!” The lunch was great. Being in 360° nature just does something to the soul…. We didn’t stay for the clay bath at the end, we had to dash off. It was a great visit and really recommend this one. If you want to book, they do everything off WhatsApp (like everything else)

From left to right: Us having a coconut welcome drink, the Bini Forest walk, St Paul's Cathedral in Plateau

Driving around and sightseeing

We visited St Paul’s Cathedral and appreciated the stunning stained-glass murals all over the church. Whilst we were in Plateau, we showed T the historical buildings, architecture and where the President works.

Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to us :) Sundowners at the Noom Sky Bar

We were supposed to go to Ile de Boulay for the day, but the kiddies were sick so we decided to can that plan and go to Le Debarcadere instead. We had a great lunch, came home for coffee and desserts from Gateaux et du Pain, had a quick rest and then went off to Noom for sundowners. Watching the sunset over the lagoon made for great pictures along with flocks of bats! You will have to see it to believe it!! Bats the size of small foxes! Wow and gross at the same time! We finished off the evening with a take-away from la Pagode...Our food was wonderful.

And that marks off 10 days in the city. We did think of the chocolate factory visit, but they only do Wed and Sat visits so that didn’t work out with our planning. I think we covered all the major tick boxes… If you had family visiting, what would you have put on your list?

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