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The Story Behind Abidjan Mosaic

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Women are becoming more and more mindful of their purchasing power and what money buys and supports. Greener living, products with natural fibers and anything not made in a factory are all in order. Decor trends from Africa are becoming more and more popular, reflecting a move towards small-batch, home-made, community supported purchases.

The One Constant

Moving as extensively as I do, I know how important my home is to my overall well-being. It’s the interesting things I have collected over time, that make my space uniquely mine. No matter how many houses, the decor is the one constant. My cast iron baobabs from Dakar, or the skyline from South Africa, or the linen throw I bought with a friend when I first arrived in Abidjan ... They weave a story, and that story grows with each new purchase.

Hand woven baskets, easy outdoor linen and a cane chair

What We Want To Do

Here at Abidjan Mosaic, my hope is to share with you the lovely things I find so that you can draw inspiration for your own home, wherever you are, whatever your budget. The idea is to showcase the interesting, lesser-known things, and how you can style them effortlessly into your living space. A look-book and directory all rolled in one.

As an extra, I offer personal shopping services here and abroad, couriering anything to your doorstep. See this page for more information.

Abidjan Mosaic is an expanding project that will soon take on a life of its own. As we have just launched, journey with me as I find my feet, and what small and big discoveries I come across. As I learn more, I will share them, growing one experience, one item, at a time.

Hope you join me!

Michelle G xxx

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