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Why You Must Download The Orange Money App Today

Why deal with bills when you can pay everyone from your phone? Make month end (and everything else) easy in the +225.

OK. First things first. Register your +225 telephone number with Orange Money at an Orange store. Bring with an ID, your Orange sim card papers and 10 000 CFA to activate the account. This easy but not-so-easy step took me 4 attempts to get right... my account got suspended each time because they didn't link my ID to the account correctly. If you encounter registration problems, fear not and persevere, it will be worth it in the end. Promise.

Next. Go to Google Play Store and Type in "Orange Money Afrique."

Download this one. Activate with your 4 digit password, and you are ready to go. My personal favourites are: Canal +, Orange Internet, CIE and SODECI.

If you bank with one of the banks listed below, the App talks directly to the online banking platform. (And if you need to top-up the old fashioned way, there are Orange Money kiosks / guichets in every neighbourhood on the side of the road, ask anyone and they will direct you.)

Have to pay someone in Dakar or another ECOWAS country? If the country digits are correctly added, it's just a question of following the prompts.

There we are. Make money simple and love your life. If you are currently using the App, share with us what you love the most.

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